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Just move the precision joystick with your mouth, cheek, chin or tongue to shift the mouse cursor wherever you want. The further you move the joystick, the faster the cursor travels. You can perform right-click, left-click and double-click actions with the sip and puff switches built into the Jouse2. Mouse button activations can be made with the sip and puff switches built into the Jouse2. Typing and other keyboard functions can be achieved through an on-screen keyboard.

Minimal action is required. The cursor movement is fast, smooth and very accurate, which is great for drawing and playing games. The Jouse2 supports four user-selectable versions of Morse Code text input with Dual-tone audio via the sip-and-puff controller. Includes Compusult's JoyWrite™ technology, allowing you to enter characters using combinations of sips and puffs, similar to the Jouse2's built-in Morse Code capability.

Mount to almost any desktop. Includes mounting options or ancillary equipment such as microphones, switches and Web-cams.

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