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Jensen ADA Swing

Jensen ADA Swing

The Jensen ADA Swing is a swing seat for children and young adults with special needs. The swing can be reclined at varying levels to provide as much support as your child would need. It is durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Jensen ADA Swing has built-in support. The Jensen ADA swing has large armrests as well as a large footrest to accommodate a range of sizes of children. The Jensen ADA Swing meets ASTM, regulations that cover swings for all children. The Jensen ADA Swing has an overhead yellow yoke so that every child that uses the swing will have some level of support. The Jensen ADA Swing also has holes where an Optional Webbed Harness can be attached if your child requires more support to maintain a seated position in the swing. The locking mechanism for the yoke was developed to stop pinch points and is very secure. All of the hardware, except the attaching chain, is stainless steel to prevent rust. The point where the eye bolts attach to the Jensen ADA Swing has special reinforcement to help prevent breakage.

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15 South Second Street
Dolgeville, NY 13329

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