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IrisVision 3.0

IrisVision 3.0

Version 3.0 is a next generation IrisVision release focused on enhancing your user experience and bringing you closer to online and offline digital media.

IrisVision 3.0 includes a new video player that allows users to stream online videos when on WiFi. The video player features voice-enabled search; users can simply double-tap the touchpad to activate this mode. Users can then scroll through search results to select a video to watch. Users are able to pause, play, and magnify the videos as they are watching.

IrisVision 3.0 brings the much-awaited photo gallery to IrisVision users. Users can now take pictures and save them to an album to be viewed later. This feature can be turned on and off for students.

IrisVision 3.0 comes with your own personal assistant now! Simply say “Start Iris” to activate IrisVision Assistant. Say the name of a mode to automatically switch to that mode without any hassle, adjust brightness, take a photo, hear more information about the current mode, turn off the device among many other actions using IrisVision Assistant.

Irisvision 3.0 introduces our proprietary new feature IrisReader, an advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program with text-to-speech capability to read and display phrases and texts from documents, books, labels, menus, newspapers, and other media. The screen displays the text being read out in large, high-contrast font for easier reading.

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