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Invacare WalkLite 6300-ATA

Invacare WalkLite 6300-ATA

With it's 17" wide flip-up seat, the Invacare WalkLite triggered a whole new category of walkers. And as competing manufacturers introduced they're copycat versions, the WalkLite is still the most popular.

The WalkLite's Sure-Glide brakes work by applying downward pressure. This type of brake system automatically applies the brake as the user sits down. From a distance the rear Glides look like wheels, but they are not. The Glide is made of hard plastic in the shape of a half wheel to prevent getting hung on any uneven surfaces.

Indoors, it's a dream. Works on any floor surface.

Outdoors, the WalkLite works very well, just like you'd expect. But if you travel a lot outdoors, be prepared to replace the Sure-Glide Brakes every 3 months or so. The Sure-Glide's plastic glides will wear out with daily outdoor use.

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