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IntegraMouse Plus

IntegraMouse Plus

With the IntegraMouse Plus® you can operate the computer solely by your mouth. The slightest movement of your lips will control the mouthpiece and thus move the mouse pointer dynamically across the screen. By mere sipping and puffing through the mouthpiece, you can trigger left and right mouse clicks, double clicks as well as drag & drop actions as with any standard mouse. The IntegraMouse Plus ® was developed for people suffering from paralysis, progressive muscle diseases or arm amputations.


The IntegraMouse (Manufactured by LifeTool) is a mouse controlled by lip movements and sip and puff clicking. It is ideal for computer users with various physical challenges including total paralysis, amputees, muscular dystrophy, or multiple sclerosis.

IntegraMouse has all the functions of a standard mouse enabling the user to control all functions of the computer by lip movements. The IntegraMouse offers a sensitive sip and puff solution that controls the range of mouse clicks (left click, right click, double click, drag & drop). To operate, the user simply places the mouse between the lips and operates the cursor by applying pressure with the lips. Requiring as little as 0.1 mm of movement or 10g of pressure to control the mouse, the IntegraMouse enables the computer to be accessible to users with physical disabilities and limitations. Mouse-clicks are triggered by the user slightly sipping and puffing into the mouth piece.

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