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Info Select

Info Select is the award-winning "Personal Information Manager" that helps you manage all your daily random information in a remarkably powerful way.

With just three easy commands - create Note, create Topic, and Search - you can open a new world of information management that will change the way you work and think.

Info Select users repeatedly say the software changes their lives. Whether information comes flying across your desk or is collected from the internet you'll use Info Select numerous times every day. 

Best of all you can find any data in an instant, no matter where or how you entered it. Find valuable notes, ideas, e-mail addresses, contacts, plans, numbers, web page addresses, configuration notes, or anything else. Info Select finds whatever you need, so quickly and easily you'll be amazed. When Fred calls you on the phone you'll have your notes on Fred about as fast as you can say "Hello".  When you need to recall your Fedex account number you'll have it in a second. When you want to collect your notes on subject X for a meeting you'll be prepared in no time.

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