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Industrial Rolling Ladders – Round Tube 60º (B & G – SERIES)

Industrial Rolling Ladders – Round Tube 60º (B & G – SERIES)

Round tube rolling ladders are a stronger alternative to much of the commonplace on the ladder marketplace. With the round tube’s enhanced strength comes longevity and durability in the face of a multitude of work conditions and difficulties. Suitable for stockroom, shop floor, and maintenance applications, ROLL-EZY Ladders travel with ease to wherever workers need them—and then lock securely in place. Up to 450 lbs. capacity.

Safety is a primary motivator for a lot clientele who opt for EGA. All EGA access ladders meet and often exceed OSHA standards for safety. Every EGA rolling ladder is made in the USA, where quality and durability are a precursor to a high-standard in safety steps.

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