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Homecraft Key Turner 2

Homecraft Key Turner 2

Gripping and turning small keys can be tough for individuals with limited grip strength or hand dexterity. Key Turners make that easy by extending the end of the key into a full handle. This provides a large surface area that can easily be put in the lock and turned for users who struggle with normal keys. Homecraft Key Turners are a great daily living aid for elderly or handicapped individuals. The key is screwed in place and then folds away for convenient storage.

  • Holds two keys, and includes a tightening lever that keeps keys in position and simplifies adding or removing keys
  • Holder tool allows two keys to fold into handle for easy storage and greater security, screw measures approximately 4mm wide and fits most standard key holes
  • Position keys separately for use, or lock them into handle at specific places for easier distinguishing, one key slot measures 2mm wide & the other measures 3mm wide
  • Easy to turn handle makes opening locked doors easier for the elderly and disabled with hand arthritis, carpal tunnel, or wrist pain
  • Blue, lightweight, non latex device comes with a tightening lever to lock keys in place and simplifying the adding or removal of keys

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