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HighLight Chandelier Light Bulb Changer for High Ceilings

HighLight Chandelier Light Bulb Changer for High Ceilings

Never again will you have to put yourself in harms way just to change a light bulb that is out of reach. Forget the ladders, standing on a chair, or even hiring someone to do it. HighLight has got you covered!

A simple yet highly effective solution for a tall, out-of-reach problem. The one and only light bulb changer capable of changing upward facing chandelier bulbs.

  • Bulb grabber that will safely grip and remove a variety of different bulbs
  • Remove or replace downward and upward facing chandelier bulbs
  • Features our Traverse Drive Assembly that provides plenty of torque and stability to remove even the most stubborn light bulbs
  • Our unique In Shaft Drive system allows you to easily screw the bulbs on and off without having to turn the pole itself
  • The extension pole collapses into 3 smaller pieces for easy storage. You can attach all 3 or just 2 pieces for a shorter reach
  • The drive spindle extends beyond the drive head housing allowing you to add on additional attachments (sold separately)
  • Made from sturdy PVC piping. 4 pound heavy duty extension pole
  • The distance from the pole to the edge of the grabber is 1 3/4" and 3 1/2" to the center of the grabber

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