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Gunnar Prescription Eyewear

Gunnar Prescription Eyewear

You wouldn’t run a marathon in loafers, don’t make your eyes perform their most demanding work without the right eyewear. Regular prescription eyewear isn’t optimized for computer use, it is designed for variable viewing. Continued near-focus work, typical of computer use, causes ciliary muscles to flex for extended periods. The cumulative eyestrain may cause headaches or even long-term changes in the eye. Specialized computer eyeglasses with GUNNAR patented i-AMP lens technology provide proper design and fit for computer viewing. With the custom prescription provided by your optometrist, GUNNAR’s highly accurate lens design can relieve the effects of digital eyestrain by relaxing eye muscles. When used in GUNNAR frames that wrap closely to the face, eyes are protected from drying air currents. All GUNNAR lenses are finished with proprietary lens tints and coatings specifically tuned to filter artificial blue light and glare.

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