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Guidosimplex All-in-One Driving Controls

Guidosimplex All-in-One Driving Controls

The Guidosimplex All-in-One is a unique mechanical brake and accelerator column mounted on the right or left of the steering wheel. No more of the tedious push and pull mechanism that hits your leg, or rods that impede your ingress or egress from the vehicle. The electronic radial accelerator and forward push brake lets you accelerate and brake in your vehicle with only a minimal rotational movement of the hand. There is no dashboard cutting required to install this device and the multiple adjustments in angle and in length allow this device to be installed in almost any vehicle. This device interface also features infrared remote circuitry in order to activate the vehicle’s secondary controls. There are three versions of this lever depending of the type the handle: America (knob handle), Quad Light (handgrip handle) and Quad Support (handgrip handle with support).

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