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Grid Pad 12

Grid Pad 12

The most flexible solution for people with complex access and communication needs from Smartbox.
The Grid Pad is a dedicated device and has been designed in collaboration with AAC users. 
A long 15-hour battery life, rugged design and multiple access options ensure you always have your voice.

Key features

  • High spec computer for fast communication
  • 15 hours battery life (10 hours with eye gaze)
  • Ready for use with eye gaze, switches, touch, and USB devices
  • Shock protection, droppable to 1m
  • 12.5” full HD tough antiglare touchscreen
  • Remote power button
  • High quality amplified sound
  • Built-in radio and infrared Environment Control
  • Tactile, water-resistant buttons in convenient locations
  • Multi-angle stand and wheelchair mounting
  • Powered by Grid 3

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