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Good Grips Cutlery Range

Good Grips Cutlery Range

Our Good Grips Cutlery Range has broad, flexible, ribbed grips, making them easy to hold and control even when wet.

The heads of the spoons and forks can be used straight as pictured or bent to an angle if preferred.

This cutlery is often used by those who find conventional narrow cutlery difficult to control.

A latex-free construction makes the handles suitable for all, and the blades are made from stainless steel.

The Good Grips Cutlery Range features spoons, forks and a rocker knife which has a special, low-strain cutting action.

All are suitable for the dishwasher.

Spoon size for the Teaspoon is 3.5cm wide and 6cm long (1.4 by 2.3 inches).

Spoon size for the Dessertspoon is 4cm wide and 7cm long (1.6 by 2.7 inches).

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