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GlideSaddle Long Range Seat

GlideSaddle Long Range Seat

The GlideSaddle Long Range Seat is a comfortable seat system for all day mobility.



With a built-in shock absorber and a 10 inch x 11 inch seat surface the GlideSaddle is a comfortable way to enjoy the freedom of effortless movement and unleash the full potential of the Segway® Personal T?ransporter.??

The adjustable seat puts you at eye level with those around you, and is a great alternative to standard wheelchair mobility for those with moderate disabilities.

The GlideSaddle comes fully assembled and includes all necessary hardware and tools for easy installation.  Installation takes approximately 15 minutes by simply removing the rubber mats, remove four baseplate screws, set the GlideSaddle into position,  insert the four new screws, and install the new mats. (new wrenches, screws, and mats included)

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