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GDA Commercial Door Opener System

GDA Commercial Door Opener System

To be truly accessible, public doors must automatically swing open and closed to meet user demand.   The LE2 low energy commercial public access door opener provides the most cost effective door automation alternative for swinging doors in public places.

Using air pressure from a central compressor (sold separately), this system opens the door, holds it open, and then closes the door.  Needing only 90 - 100 PSI to operate, this pneumatically powered door opener is activated through wireless controls.  The system works on any size of wood, metal, or glass door up to 240 pounds.

The system includes everything needed for a single door – the opener, control box, two wireless wall switches, hose, and door signs, except the air source, which is matched to the application and sold separately.

  • ADA compliant - Easily retrofitted
  • Does not interfere with the existing door hardware
  • Easily installed and adjusted
  • No increased resistance when using the door manually
  • Low profile – compact opener mounts above the door, silent operation
  • Extremely reliable – 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Reacts immediately to any obstacle and opening door will stop at any point
  • Activated by wireless wall switches, remote control, pneumatic controls or low voltage controls
  • Interfaces with existing security systems such as magnetic locks and intercom systems
  • Virtually no maintenance except batteries for wireless wall controls

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