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Functional Skills System

Functional Skills System

The Functional Skills System provides easy-to-understand information that allows learners to become more capable of functioning independently in their homes, schools, communities and workplaces by improving their ability to make appropriate choices. Gaining functional literacy, social, life and work skills allows for freedom and independence.

The Functional Skills System not only assesses and teaches independent living skills, but because the system is cloud-based, you can actually take it with you. Because the system works on smart phones and tablets, you can actually pull up the videos wherever you are, opening new doors for freedom and independence.

The entire Functional Skills System is based on the concept of video modeling, where users watch someone do the desired behavior and then they do it. Using real videos makes for quicker generalization of the concepts being taught, and with a video library of over 4,500 videos to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether the user needs help with basic signs & words, hygiene, grooming, dress, social skills, or even core vocabulary, our system uses real-life video (not cartoons, drawings, animations or symbols) to communicate the concept clearly and effectively.

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