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Eyegaze Edge Communication System

Eyegaze Edge Communication System

The Eyegaze Edge is an eye-operated communication and control system that empowers people with disabilities to communicate and interact with the world. By looking at control keys or cells displayed on a screen, a user can generate speech either by typing a message or selecting pre-programmed phrases. Eyegaze Edge Systems are being used to write books, attend school and enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities in any situation.

  • Highly accurate and predicts a user’s gaze point to within 1/4 inch or less.
  • Programs & hardware are designed to reduce or eliminate visual fatigue associated with eye-controlled systems.
  • Fast input, activation time is user-determined and can respond in as little as 1/10 of a second.
  • Comfortable so that a user can operate from any position, including side-lying or with the head tilted, without tilting the screen.
  • Works with most eye variations including extremely large or small pupils, nystagmus, or irregularly shaped pupils.
  • Handles ptosis (drooping) of the eyelid – entire pupil does not need to be visible.
  • The Eyegaze Edge can be positioned high or low with a focus range of 16-30".
  • Provides off angle tracking so the user does not need to be parallel to the screen.
  • Tracks through lenses and works with eyeglasses and most contacts.
  • One-piece unit combines processor and display in a small 5 lb. package (size: 12-1/2″ x 9″ x 3/4″)
  • Adjustable monitor arm with camera bracket
  • High-speed infared sensitive camera and lens
  • Touch Pen and keyboard
  • Eyegaze communication software

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