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Excursion Tandem

Excursion Tandem

The Adventurer Tandem is a tricycle built for two. From the rear of the tricycle, the driver steers, brakes, and controls the 8-speed gears. The rider in the front, no matter his or her ability level, can enjoy all the benefits of cycling.

The Adventurer Tandem 40" rear stance gives you all the support you need. This model is targeted towards riders from 7 years of age and up to accommodate both the rider and the driver.

The Adventurer Tandem offers several standard features with an added dimension of support and comfort for young adult riders. The handlebars, seat and crank mechanisms are adjustable. Adventurer’s walk-through design and step-on platform decrease obstacles for transfers on and of the tricycle.

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15 South Second Street
Dolgeville, NY 13329

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