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Esys 80

Esys 80

Braille display with 80 8-dot braille cells, Bluetooth and USB ports, and an integrated braille keyboard for typing and navigation.

Esys80™ built-in note-taking capabilities include an alarm clock, schedule manager, word processor, and calculator, as well as a built-in micro SD slot for added compatibility.

Features & Specifications:                                                                                             

  1. 8-dot 80-cell refreshable braille display
  2. 80 cursor routing buttons
  3. 10 key braille keyboard
  4. 2 navigation joysticks
  5. 6 navigation wheels
  6. Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  7. 1 built-in micro SD card slot (128MB card included)
  8. 1 mini USB
  9. connects to your computer, mobile phone, or PDA
  10. Lithium-Ion battery
  11. 17 hour rechargeable battery life

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