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Ergomates Anti-fatigue Matting

Ergomates Anti-fatigue Matting

ErgoMates dramatically reduce pain and fatigue experienced when standing or walking on hard surfaces for an extended period of time. 

By strapping ErgoMates to existing footwear and safety boots, employees take mobile anti-fatigue matting with  them wherever they go.  The innovative 2-ply sole addresses issues of fatigue, impact shock and slip resistance.

 Wearing ErgoMates while standing causes muscles to expand and contract as they adjust to the flexibility of the sole.  This muscle movement increases blood flow and the oxygen reaching the heart, thus greatly reducing fatigue. 

The elastic properties of ErgoMates resemble the natural shock absorption of uncompressed soil, similar to walking on grass. Every foot movement with an ErgoMate is absorbed by the give in the soles reducing the effects of impact. When workers have full confidence that they will be safe, healthy and relatively comfortable at work, they are more productive.

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