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Endeavor Desktop Pro

Endeavor Desktop Pro

Endeavor Desktop Pro is The Tool for accessing information and providing simplified access to email, web sites, RSS feeds, step-by-step instruction, and other programs on your computer.

Endeavor Desktop Pro transforms the e-landscape!Endeavor Desktop Pro masks the complexity of Windows desktop, laptop, and tablet computers by providing a simplified environment for the user. Endeavor “sits on top” of the Windows operating systems, providing a completely personalized experience in single-user or multi-user setttings. Content is created and managed directly on the user's machine to provide a customized environment that meets their needs and abilities. The simple click of a button launches content with individualized settings.

Endeavor Desktop Pro includes content palettes for Web Browsing/RSS feeds, Visual and Audio Media (including built-in simplified players), "Toolbox" or "System" links to launch any program or application on the computer, picture and audio email access, and easy to follow video modeling and task prompting tools with Visual Impact.

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