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EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouch

EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouch

NEW EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouches were designed by professionals and eliminates the worst odors without using sprays or in areas where sprays can't be used. EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouches do not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients, but use eco-friendly "zeolites" and mineralized technology to completely absorb and neutralize odors, and to keep absorbing new odors for weeks.

Dead animal smell? Has your home or pet been skunked? Pet, urine or smoke odors driving you CRAZY? Use EcoFresh Odor Absorber Pouches and simply place where the odor is the worst. 16 oz pouches work great for closets, air returns, air vents, vehicles, and other areas that are a maximum of 10' x 10'. For larger areas simply use more pouches. 4 oz pouches are designed for wall voids, hidden areas, pantries, chests, and other areas that are a maximum of 3' x 3'.

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