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Easy Gentleman Air Powered Door Opener (Interior Doors)

Easy Gentleman Air Powered Door Opener (Interior Doors)

The Easy Gentleman, like the Original Gentleman, will automatically unlatch your door and open it when activated and close your door and re-latch it when deactivated! The door and door lock both function normally when operated manually.
The Easy Gentleman uses air pressure to close the door and there is no hydraulic closer to install. Because of the closing method, the Easy Gentleman is only recommended for interior doors with little to no stack pressure issues.


This kit includes the Pneumatic opener/closer, Liftmaster MyQ wireless controls, Latch Release Kit, 100’ air tubing, 12 VDC Control Box, 12 VDC Power Supply, compressor fitting, and mounting hardware. Standard Kit recommended for interior doors only. Please call 800-525-7078 if you have any questions.

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