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Eagle Claw & Glove

Eagle Claw & Glove

The Eagle Claw is a golf grip aid and device which assists with developing and maintaining grip strength and swing accuracy. Especially designed for those inflicted and effected by Arthritis; Lupus; sports injuries to the hand, fingers or thumb; disabling diseases or illness that affect grip strength and limit golfing ability.

  • The patented Eagle Claw increases power and maximizes accuracy…
  • Decrease slicing and hooking of the ball.
  • Advanced engineered hand device worn in combination with golf glove for supporting and strengthening golfer’s grip 
  • Ideal for golfers with arthritic or injured hands 
  • Fits comfortably over glove 
  • Locks and maintains grip pressure throughout the swing 
  • Enhances hand and wrist support without restricting movement

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The Eagle Claw

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