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EZY Climb Ladders

EZY Climb Ladders

Ergonomically designed with a gentler 50-degree incline and deeper run, our EZY Climb Ladders feature the feel and comfort of a stairway, enabling workers to carry stock items more quickly and easily while ascending or descending. Up to 450 lbs. capacity. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards

Models with two, three, or four steps feature spring-loaded 3″ casters that compress to engage rubber-tipped legs, which provide traction and secure the ladder firmly in place when in use.

1″ square-tube technology is more abuse-resistant than conventional round tube design.

Models with five or more steps feature 4″ casters and our exclusive Ezy-Lock® system, which plants ladder legs firmly to the floor when pressure is applied to the bottom step.

Steps are 7″ deep and available in 16″, 24″, or 30″ widths. Top step is 14″ deep.

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