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EZ Dump SmartcanMax

EZ Dump SmartcanMax

EZ Dump SmartcanMax™ Patented design promotes safe waste management by eliminating the strain of lifting a full trash bag liner out of a traditional trash can. SmartcanMax allows the user to get in a safe lifting position every time. Users will no longer struggle with heavy trash bags stuck in cans with the bags tearing upon removal, coupled with the potential for injury. With SmartcanMax, you tie the trash bag closed, step on the release pedal, remove the SmartcanMax body, and then discard the trash bag. Integrated V-grips lock the bag liner in place. Uses any standard bag liner. SmartcanMax comes with a three-year “no holes” guarantee. Funnel Attachment also available, providing a larger, kitchen counter-height opening for high-volume prep areas. Made in USA.

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