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ESD MagEyes Single HI #7

ESD MagEyes Single HI #7

ESD Anti-Stat Headband MagEyes offer Static Dissipative properties for Clean Room; assembly, inspection, rework. #7 lens = 2.75x, working distance approximately 5-7 inches.

~ Contains all the corrosion protection properties of corrosion intercept
~ Static protection maintained throughout entire life of material
~ Completely humidity independent
~ Contains no amine or amide based volatile additives and will not contaminate component surfaces
~ Tribo-electic charging <20v
~ Does not outgas
~ Electrical characteristics2 uneffected by humidty1, temperatue, or 24 hour water shower variations (tested at -40 degress to 150 degrees F)
~ Clean Room compatible, no sloughing
~ Manufactured with solid state semi-conductin materials chemically bonded to polymer matrix
~ Standard line products provided in surface resistivity range of 10six-10nine chms/sq.
~ Meets stringent German Standards for recyclabitlity

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