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Duck Clutch

Duck Clutch

The Electronic Clutch modification is for use by disabled drivers who prefer the control offered by a manual transmission but have difficulty operating the clutch pedal.
Driving 'Stick' Is Your Choice
The Device provides the driver with fingertip control of the clutch, removing the need for use of the left leg to perform gear changes. It is suitable for amputees or paraplegics, among others, especially in the case where an automatic model of a vehicle is not available.

By mounting the device on the gear stick, this modification allows the driver to operate the clutch with the left hand to make smooth gear changes. It replaces the original gear knob and incorporates a finger operated trigger lever and button. The aluminum trigger controls the clutch, with the pedal moving proportionally.

Smart Technology for Individualized Control
Control can be individualized to the user’s driving technique to improve the fit between driver and vehicle, even to suit requirements of high performance race cars. The device also uses a computer to determine the location of the ‘friction point’ and automatically find it when the trigger is released slightly. The result is complete clutch control performed extremely naturally.

To allow for conventional operation of the clutch, the electronic clutch can be disabled and re-enabled at any time using a switch on the dashboard. The unit comes in either treated wood or leather.


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