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Digital Hygrometer, Alarm, 14 to 140 F

Digital Hygrometer, Alarm, 14 to 140 F

You want to know immediately if the relative humidity in an environment is so high that mold could grow, causing a health risk or so low that there's a potential for static discharge. The Extech® Model 445815 humidity alert has a programmable audible and visual alarm that'll warn when the RH percentage is or too high or too low. The display shows humidity, temperature, dew point temperature, and Max./Min. (resettable). The included remote probe and cable clip to the side of the meter for convenient access. The instrument has a rear calibration adjustment pot for temperature and humidity (RH calibration kit No. 2TPX7 sold separately). It comes complete with a built-in stand, wall-mount bracket, and battery.

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