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Dale Adams Enterprises The Tail Bone 5131 Rough Rider Mechanic's Stool

Dale Adams Enterprises The Tail Bone 5131 Rough Rider Mechanic's Stool

The Tail Bone™ Rough Rider is a totally new approach to creeper seats, designed by a master mechanic to be easier to use, more comfortable, more durable and a better value than any other mechanic's stool on the market!

The same big 5" diameter wheels that made Bone™ creepers so popular and famous let the Tail Bone™ roll effortlessly over air hoses, drop cords, shop clutter, rough surfaces and more! The extra wide (32"!) uniquely designed tripod base is a naturally stable working platform, even on uneven floors and surfaces – no more tipping over when you lean to pick up that wrench!

The entire stool swivels with your body with light input from your thighs, acting like a natural extension of your body. Because it turns with you, the legs will never get in your way, and you can tuck your feet under the seat to get up close and personal with your project! The easy maneuverability greatly reduces back and knee strain on the job, and allows you to get your work done faster. The tripod design also means fewer wheels to have to roll over obstacles.

The comfortable, extra large tractor-style seat is sized to fit all posteriors. The Tail Bone™ Rough Rider cruises around at a low 13" off the ground, making it the perfect height for any job that requires you to get low!

The secret of the Tail Bone™ Rough Rider's unmatched mobility on rough terrain lies in the unique shape of the one-piece molded body, which allows for the large, specially designed 5-3/8" diameter wheels, which gives just the right amount of ground clearance (1 ¾") for typical outdoor work sites while still being low enough to work comfortably.

The extra wide 1-3/8" tires resist sinking in soft surfaces, and their large diameter allows them to roll easily over dirt, broken pavement, grass or even gravel with a firm substrate! Other creeper seats would get stuck dead in their tracks in such places. Each custom molded wheel has a heavy duty oil-impregnated sintered steel center bearing. The wheels are mounted to a heavy gauge steel caster frame with dual race ADJUSTABLE ball bearing swivels for strength where it counts! Like all of our products, they carry a limited lifetime warranty.

The 100% American, 350 pound capacity Tail Bone Rough Rider™ is made of the same tough engineering grade polypropylene as the Bone™ and our other creepers. It is smooth, impact resistant, impervious to oil and common solvents, and easy to clean!

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