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DW Office

DW Office

DW Office is a single-sided premium wireless DECT headset. Enjoy your calls in Sennheiser voice clarity and get natural high-definition sound for superior voice clarity. Work safely ensured that the ActiveGard® technology will protect your hearing.

In a busy work environment, background noise can be a distraction – especially for your listener. The DW Office is equipped with noise-cancelling microphone which filters out background noise, so you and your listener can better concentrate on the conversation.

  • Dual Connectivity - Dedicated to work with your desk phone and softphone.
  • Wireless radius of 55m and up to 180m in line of sight.
  • Ultra noise canceling microphone to filter out background noise.
  • Full day talk time - 8 hrs in wideband and 12 hrs in narrowband sound mode.

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