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Univox® DLS-3TV is a complete assistive listening device for hearing aid users watching TV. DLS-3TV is developed for LCD/plasma screens which often have echo or delay problems together with induction loop systems. With a built-in control (TV Sync) the TV sound is synchronized correctly.

An optical Toslink cable is included. You can also use a coaxial cable in the optical input. If you want to connect a radio, stereo or microphone to the loop amplifier, use one of the two 3.5 mm inputs. These inputs make it possible to connect up to three different signal sources to DLS-3TV at the same time.

Place the loop pad in your favourite chair and tune your hearing aid into T-position. For coverage of a larger area a sofa loop (accessory) can be connected to the amplifier instead of the loop pad. Thanks to the built-in gain control (dual action AGC) DLS-3TV delivers a very smooth and pure sound.

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