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Custom Craftworks Hands Free Lift Table

Custom Craftworks Hands Free Lift Table

The Custom Craftworks Hands Free Lift electric massage table offers the latest in motorized technology with a smooth silent lift that raises and lowers the height of the table in a fluid motion with the movement of your foot. Simply push up gently with the top of your toe to lower the table and step down to raise the table to just the right height. Height can be adjusted between 17” and 37” to obtain optimal positioning based on treatment for a custom fit to support deeper client access and healthy body mechanics for the practitioner. Controlling the height of your table has never been easier! Move freely around the surface of the table without ever losing contact with your client. No more tripping or rolling over foot pedals and wires. No more reaching and stretching to touch the pedal. A must for small spaces! Easy to operate caster system makes it a breeze to move around the room when needed.

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1419 W Howard Street
Chicago, IL 60626

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