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CompCooler Backpack Full Body Cooling System with 3L Detachable Bladder

CompCooler Backpack Full Body Cooling System with 3L Detachable Bladder

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Compcooler Backpack Full Body Cooling System (BFBS) is made up of Backpack Ice Water Circulation System and Full Body Liquid Cooling Garment. BFBS circulates cold water and continuously flow around body, legs and arms, keep user full body cool and comfortable in hot conditions.

Backpack system includes 3L quick release bladder, 7.4V mini pump, 2200mAh battery and quick fitting.

Base layer full body cooling garment with micro-tubing embedded provides better cooling performance.

User may expect long time and extreme cooling feeling from 3L QR bladder, easy to replace and extend cooling time. Blue Stretch liquid cooling vest (Dark blue and Black liner) provides better air permeability and quick cooling performance, 3-6 hours cooling from 3L frozen bladder, 2-4 hours from ICE cubes.

7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours operation.

Cooling temperature range 36?-68? (2?-20?), Noise: 48dBA,

Vest has 5-10 % stretch expansion by fabric (10cm/4” Max) to keep body fit. Ambient 0?-60? (32?-140?).

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