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Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning

3PlayMedia delivers competitively priced closed captions and transcripts that are word-to-word time-synchronized and more than 99% accurate, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, or accents. After your media files have been uploaded to our system they are processed by professional transcriptionists who leverage our advanced technology, process, and workflow.

3Play Media offers integrations with over 20 leading video platforms, players, and lecture capture systems. This simplifies the workflow and automates the captioning process.

Without exception, all work is done in the U.S. by native English speakers capable of accurately capturing the cultural and linguistic nuances of your content. Having a staff of thousands of transcriptionists gives us the flexibility to assign complex or technical content to transcriptionists with a discipline-specific expertise or a familiarity with a certain accent.

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