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Clorox Air Purifiers for Home

Clorox Air Purifiers for Home

The 360° airflow pulls in air from all directions to clean rooms up to 5 times per hour when used in a room 225 sq. ft. and 1 time an hour when used in a room up to 1,000 sq. ft.
This large room air purifier will help you protect your family from allergens, pet dander, dust, smoke, viruses, bacteria and more. It captures 99.97% of allergens and particulates and reduces viruses and bacteria so you can breathe easier.

  • PM2.5 air quality sensor accurately monitors your air quality around the clock.
  • Air quality light provides real-time feedback with 6 color coded levels of air quality.
  • No need to worry, when set to AUTO mode the air purifier self-adjusts fan speeds based on air quality.
  • Delivers 360° air purification by capturing allergens, particulates, viruses and bacteria in 3 filter layers.
  • Includes 1 Clorox filter that lasts 6-12 months

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