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ClearView GO

ClearView GO

The Optelec ClearView GO is the perfect solution for someone looking for comfortable, easy magnification in a compact, fully-foldable design.  Bring the device with you anywhere to view objects, read text, and more – whether you are at home, at work, or at school.  Simply fold up the magnifier to tote it with you or store it away.

Like the other products in the ClearView line, the ClearView GO offers excellent image quality and customizable operation.  The ClearView GO’s 15.6” HD screen means crisp, clear, full images no matter your viewing location.  With the turn of a knob, adjust the screen to your preferred reading angle and height.  Or, take advantage of more than 12” of vertical workspace for crafts, cooking, or any other activities requiring magnification.

One of the most innovative portable magnifiers on the market, the ClearView GO features a 3-in-1 rotatable camera for viewing objects up close, in the distance, or looking at yourself as in a mirror.  Our recent price drop means you can enjoy the freedom and independence offered by the ClearView GO at a fraction of the cost.


  • Video magnifier with large 15.6” screen that easily folds away
  • Full HD – 1080p with autofocus
  • Magnification range:
    Live Mode – Default: 2.0 x – 32 x;
    Selectable: 1.4x – 20x or 2.5x – 50x;
    Snapshot Mode: 2.0x – 176x
  • 3 selectable magnification ranges to suit your eye condition
  • Read text and view objects up close, in the distance and view yourself
  • Portable magnifier – use at different locations: up to 5-hour battery life
  • Unique zoom and pan features
  • Read down pages without moving reading material thanks to the moveable camera
  • Connect to TV screen for even bigger image with HDMI

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