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CentralAlert CA-380 Combo 1

CentralAlert CA-380 Combo 1

A great combination having all the benefits of CA-380 alongwith the added advantage of the CA-AX (The CentralAlert Alarm Sensor Model)

The Serene Innovations Central Alert CA-380 is a wearable notification system with built-in USB charging port. It uses strong, easily identifiable vibrations, selectable audio tones and a bright flasher for receiving alerts.

It has a 150 ft super long range & Braille buttons for ease of use. The optional bedshaker never misses a call even during sleeping time.

While the CA-AX is a sensor that detects the alarm sounds of virtually all your audio smoke, gas, and fire alarms, even the new alarms with T3 or T4 type alarm sounds, and sends a wireless signal to trigger the CA-360 to alert you.

Install it next to your existing alarms for sound detection or connect it directly to your alarms for activation.

CA-380 Features: 

  • Unique, Bright Flashing Patterns
  • Strong, Easily Identifiable Vibrations
  • Selectable Ring tones
  • Bright Indicator Lights
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts 
  • Detects & Alerts Public Emergency Broadcast Warnings
  • 150 Ft Super Long Range
  • Built in USB Port
  • Convinient Cellphone Charging
  • Weather Proof & Wireless Doorbell
  • Jack for Optional Bedshaker 
  • Alerts During Night-Time
  • Portable & Wearable Design
  • Braile Buttons for Ease of Use

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