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Cello Bag Sealer

Cello Bag Sealer

Futura Hand Held Cellophane Bag Heat Sealer for sealing cellophane bags. Heat seal both stock or custom printed shrink bags and custom or stock cellophane bags. Six-inch Heat Seal width and the bag sealer provides constant heat. Hand crimper provides constant heat and is intended for occasional use. It requires minimal hand strength and takes a few minutes to warm up. What small business couldn't benefit from being able to Heat Seal their own gift bags? This Futura Cello Bag Heat Sealer is not recommended as a shrink system or a bag sealer for extended use. Adjustable temperature control switch (225º, 350º, & 500ºF). The constant heat jaw is serrated for stronger sealing and will seal bags up to 6" wide with a 1/2" wide crimped seal. Hand operated heat seal.

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