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Carpet/Furniture Odor Eliminator 28 oz

Carpet/Furniture Odor Eliminator 28 oz

Remove pet urine and feces odors from carpet, furniture and leather without chemical or fragrances.

This unique form of Earth Care Products Mineral can be sprinkled on carpet and furniture as needed to eliminate pet odors.  Clear the Air does not have to come into contact with the odor producer; it will pull the odors from the carpet, pad and floorboards.  No messy liquids to pour down.   It eliminates old soaked in urine odors. Clear The Air draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The pet odors are absorbed, and neutralized without any fragrances.

Clear the air does not cover up odors; it literally pulls the odors from carpets and furniture leaving the air fresh and clean.

  • Sprinkle granules on carpet and brush into carpet.  Leave down 24 hours and vacuum up.
  • Sprinkle granules directly on furniture.  Will not harm upholstery or leather.  Leave down 24 hours and vacuum or brush off. 
  • Most odors are eliminated in one application, occasionally a second application is necessary.

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