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Captek Voice Adapted Glory MACH 3 Coin Sorter-Packager

Captek Voice Adapted Glory MACH 3 Coin Sorter-Packager

The Internal CAPTEK Voice Module speaks clearly with easily accessible controls. 

This easy-to-operate unit counts and sorts six coin denominations. It may also be used to bag or wrap coins. Its small physical size (9.5" x 15.4" footprint) makes it ideal for vending operations with limited space and its light weight (16.8 lbs) makes it easily portable.

  • Optional Accessories: MACH 3
  • Magnet filters out magnetic coins and other metals, such as paper clips.
  • Bagging Pedestal: needed for either wrapping or bagging coins.
  • Tubing Kits are used for wrapping coins.
  • All six coin positions must be filled by drawer, bag, or tube. If bags or tubes
  • are selected, the number of drawers may be reduced for credit against accessories.

More Information:

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PO Box 888
Southeastern, PA 19399

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