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Cantilever Rolling Ladder CL-15 15 Step

Cantilever Rolling Ladder CL-15 15 Step

The Cantilever Rolling Ladder CL-15 15 Step allows workers to go up and over obstacles. The cantilever portion of the Cantilever Rolling Ladder platform is perfect for clearing hard to reach areas, but while still maintaining a high level of safety and rigidity. Our customers use the cantilever rolling ladder in aviation, production, and areas with obscure machinery.

Cantilever Rolling Ladder CL-15 15 Step Features:

  • 57 degree slope is standard
  • 24″ wide steps
  • Individually locking casters
  • Overhangs hard to reach areas
  • Several overhang depths to choose from (see catalog)
  • Counterbalance weight at base
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1″ square tube construction
  • 30″ handrails
  • Gray industrial enamel finish
  • Model:CL-15
  • Platform Height: 150″
  • Steps: 15
  • Vertical Under-Clearance: 147″
  • Platform W x D: 24″ X 28″
  • Base W x D: 32″ X 110″
  • Overhang: 14″

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