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Braille Salt and Pepper Set

Braille Salt and Pepper Set

Most of the time, sighted people tend to take it for granted that they can tell the difference between the salt and pepper shakers by simply having a quick peek. But until now, it's been a little more interesting for those without sight to figure this out.

Well, our wooden salt and pepper shakers solve this problem. Each shaker has a letter S (for salt) or P(for pepper) embossed in either Braille or large print on all four sides, so everybody at the table will know exactly what they're about to sprinkle onto their dinner.

Not only does this set consist of a pair of Brailled salt and pepper shakers, but it comes complete with a heavy-duty wood holder to keep both shakers together and in the same place at all times. The salt and pepper shakers themselves are square with plastic stoppers in the bottom, and fit snugly into their holder. And the attractive tray has a solid base, complete with extra-high sides so you'll never accidentally knock a salt or pepper shaker out and onto the table. In short, this all-wood set makes a great gift for any occasion, and it really does look quite elegant on the table besides!

  • Wooden salt and pepper shakers.
  • Can easily identify salt from pepper.
  • Features Braille and large print letter S (for salt) or P (for pepper).
  • Boasts a heavy-duty wooden holder to keep both shakers together.
  • Shakers are square with plastic stoppers in the bottom.
  • Has an attractive tray with a solid base and extra-high sides.
  • Measures about 5 in by 2 in by 3 in.

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