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Bounder Plus Off-Road Power Wheelchair

Bounder Plus Off-Road Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchair users need their chairs. This is a fact. Good seating, smooth ride, and reliability are necessary. Sometimes it is also NECESSARY to traverse “off road”. Maybe your home environment is not all paved city streets. When the going gets tough, the TOUGH BOUNDER users really get going - going with the OFF-ROAD PACKAGE that makes it all possible!

The special 13.5” x 5.40” low pressure pneumatic tires provide a very smooth ride. Going over rough terrain is no longer bumpy and jarring. The aggressive knobby tire design provides excellent traction when traversing loose terrain, mud or even snow. The Super Torque 4 medium speed motors have all the torque needed to climb steep hills. The Off-Road Option Package is what power wheelchair users want in a performance chair.

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