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Blindshell 2 Baroque

Blindshell 2 Baroque

BlindShell 2 Baroque is a successor of Blindshell's very first international BlindShell Renaissance. Blindshell has gone a far way since then, honed every aspect to its perfection. The control of the phone is as simple is it always was, but now there are many more applications and even world’s most used Internet messaging apps WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Stay in touch with your close ones, use the latest messaging apps to be always reachable and always in contact.

  • WhatsApp messenger
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Same style of control as the rest of the phone
  • Audio calls over the messangers


Instead of using your fingers, use your voice. Open an application, call a contact, or dictate a text purely by your voice.

  • Voice dictating any text
  • Calling contacts
  • Getting information about weather or location
  • Taking notes

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