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Bio-Light Solar Deluxe 10,000 LUX Light Therapy System

Bio-Light Solar Deluxe 10,000 LUX Light Therapy System

The Bio-Light Solar Deluxe is our brightest model. The Solar is the same convenient size as the Ultra but is brighter and has new technology to reduce glare. The effect is a softer light.   Delivering 10,000 lux at 24" enlarges your workspace, and the reduced glare increases your comfort. An optional lightweight metal stand can be configured as either a floor stand or desk stand. Configured either way, the stand comes with full tilt capabilities to accommodate any gaze range and to facilitate light having a direct path to the retina. The Solar retails for $430, or, with floor and desk stand included, $485

The Solar uses 3 double tubes for a total of 6 strips of light which spreads the light out more evenly and increases comfort.  Three tubes eliminates hot spots and glare that occur when competitors use only two tubes.

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