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Beetle H-2ST Speech & Music Bluetooth Headset W/Neckloop

Beetle H-2ST Speech & Music Bluetooth Headset W/Neckloop

The Beetle H-2ST Speech is a lightweight mini Bluetooth® headset for use with cell phones and stereo audio devices. It interfaces with Bluetooth® compatible cell phones and transmits speech directly to the user's T-Coil equipped hearing aid via the special T-coil hook. Beetle H-2ST Stereo offers unparalleled clarity for voice and music. Use it with your Bluetooth® equipped cell phone to improve your conversations or even listen to your favorite music. Choose between the included special T-coil hook, the neckloop, or audioboot which connects directly to your hearing aid.

* For use solely with T-Coil equipped hearing aids.


- up to 4 hours talk time
- up to 70 hours stand by time
- rechargeable lithium battery included
- charging time approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Non-returnable.

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