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Bed MadeEZ Mattress Lifter

Bed MadeEZ Mattress Lifter

Bed MadeEZ® Mattress Lifter Making the bed today has become increasingly difficult for nurses, caregivers and those desiring more independence. With the average weight of today’s mattresses ranging between 100 pounds to over 300 pounds, the lifting of the mattress – combined with the bending forward and twisting – puts the lower back in its weakest position.
The Bed MadeEZ alleviates neck and back pain with an ergonomic design that effortlessly lifts the mattress as it slides in and holds the mattress in a raised position eliminating the need for repeated lifting while changing bedding.  A wonderful daily living aid for anyone experiencing diminished mobility and/or strength (I.e. arthritics, amputees, pregnancies), the Bed MadeEZ also great for nurses and caregivers who are among the top-at-risk professionals for back injuries resulting from bed making duties.

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