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BARD Mobile App for the BlindShell Classic 2

BARD Mobile App for the BlindShell Classic 2

BlindShell is committed to providing phones with the maximum benefit for individuals living with sight loss. As industry leaders, they’re partnering to bring useful tools to people who are blind or have low vision, supporting their autonomy, empowerment and independence. They’re excited to announce the launch of the BARD mobile app for the BlindShell Classic 2 and continue our journey in building the world's greatest accessible cell phone platform. The BARD mobile app was the number one request from the sight loss community, and they’re proud to deliver this powerful new app.


Here are the three steps to begin using BARD.

1. Contact your local State library to begin the process. Click">here to find your library.

2. Become an NLS patron - Click">here to download application and request NLS services.

3. Register for BARD - http://Click here to register.">Click here to register.

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