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B&D Transfer Seats

B&D Transfer Seats

The L75D (Driver) and L75P (Passenger) are designed for rear entry Chrysler / Dodge vans and non lowered floor Chrysler/Dodge minivans. (Additional applications will be introduced soon.)

The front of the L75 mounts into the OEM seat floor mounting holes and in many cases the rear is anchored to the OEM bracket. Little, if any invasive drilling is required to install the L75. The L75 is designed to mount at a 6 degree angle which prevents it from intruding into the path of the center cut. The OEM seat is used with the L75 and in most applications, the seat height remains within

The long horizontal travel allows the front seat (Driver or Passenger) to move back into the 2nd door area allowing entry and exit through the 2nd door. For these applications, the swivel can be made to turn out of the vehicle. And as a special benefit, the L75 is the only seat base that can be used in vans with Stow-n-Go seating!

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